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Static has an extremely stable temperament and has the rare ability to be both a companion animal and a working bulldogge. He has a natural talent for personal protection, yet is extremely friendly when not engaged.  Static has a well defined, very massive musclular build at a mature weight of 110 pounds.
He has great health, solid temperament, excellent structure, giant size, massive bone, impressive head type, fluid movement, huge muscles, and natural working ability all wrapped up in a very impressive looking package. Static has become our most prized Bulldog stud, and he produces exceptional Olde English Bulldogge puppies!
This boy truly has it all!!!!!
We travel the country competing with our Olde English Bulldogges and thousands have seen them in person, you will never find exaggerated stats at Evolution Bulldogges.

110 pounds
26 inch head
21 inches tall
Static Working Out!
White Bulldog
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Static is an OBBA conformation Champion!

He has Irondog
Weight Pull I and Weight Pull 2 titles!!!

Static has earned his GDT and DHT titles!!!!

He has 2
Most Weight Pulled awards, 2 Most Weight Pulled Per Pound awards, and took first in all 3 of his weight pull competitions with the APA earning 79 points in just 3 pulls!!!!!!!!!!

Static pulled  over
38 TIMES his own bodyweight at 2012 Battle of the Bulls!!!!!

Static is a MULTIPLE all-breed
hardest hitting WINNER!!!

He has passed his
hip x-rays!

Static DNA tested
CLEAR of all hereditary disorders they currently have markers for!!

Static is
world famous as the BEST working Olde Bulldogge on the planet!

Static won
The Beast of the East 2011!!!
Ch. Evolution's High Voltage "Static" IDWPI
Static has competed side by side with countless Olde English Bulldogges, American Bulldogs, American Pit Bull Terriers, Malinois, Dutch Shepards, and dozens of other working dog breeds and has consistently performed at the top in every event in which Static has competed.  He not only sets a new height for the bar as an Olde English Bulldogge, but consistently challenges the working dog community to see olde english bulldogges, as well as all bully breeds in a whole new light as a potential threat to their trophies and ribbons at working events.  Static is hands down the most impressive bulldog we have had the priveledge of producing, and is one of the finest Olde English Bulldogges we have seen as we continually travel the country for Olde English Bulldogge and working dog events.  Thank you for visiting our Evolution's Static page, we hope you see why we think this Old English Bulldog is so special.  Static is the son of Extreme's Ali, and the sire of Evolution's Evo