A huge and powerful dog of war from ancient times, the Alaunt once mowed down armies of men. They were introduced to Britain when the Romans invaded around 55BC.  First, these dogs became the original Butcher’s dogs, from which the bulldog descended.  Initially, they covered much of Europe as the greatest and most powerful working dogs known to man. Over time, the Alaunt assimilated into other breeds or watered down and bred into something else, becoming a shadow of the greatness it once was.

Starting in 2012, Evolution Bulldogges began a program to reconstruct the Alaunt. Accordingly, I utilized all known breeds from which it descended. I selected only the greatest specimens I could find in present-day working dogs to integrate into this reconstruction. A massive, powerful, high drive dog with great working ability resulted.  Clearly, these dogs are not for the timid nor the inexperienced owner.  They require obedience training and a firm, fair hand. The Evolution Alaunt weighs 130 pounds with an athletic frame wrapped in massive, highly defined functional muscle.

Alaunt dog


Male Alaunt dog




It’s 2 am, and your eyes snap open, certain that you have heard something odd which woke you from your slumber. But you are too asleep to know what you heard.

Your heart races and your mind starts picturing scenarios where someone is getting into your house.

You try to be 100% silent, intently listening for more sounds to decide what you need to do, if anything.  You hold your breath and blankly stare at the dark wall next to your bed. Waiting for what seems like an eternity, you focus your ears in the direction you are sure you heard something.

With an Alaunt, that entire scenario stops existing.

It goes more like this:

  A strange sound wakes you up, and before you can open your eyes, you can faintly hear your massive Alaunt slip out of your room and down the hallway to investigate.  Seconds later, your beast returns to the foot of your bed, relaxed and easy that nothing is amiss.  You slip back into a restful sleep knowing that any threat will swiftly be dealt with because your best buddy is capable, ready, and always on watch for you.

An Alaunt in the house always gives you that added comfort that if something goes down, there is a monster leading the defensive.  He has a better sense of sound than you, a better sense of smell than you, is more suspicious than you, and faster than you every time.

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I Have Alaunt Puppies Available Occasionally.

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