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The History Before the Olde English Bulldogge

I like to start at the beginning when it comes to Bulldog information. The bulldog of old has a vast history that dates back to ancient Molosser breeds with a fascinating history of evolution. Over time, we will be sharing lots of information about bulldog history and the recreation of a legend. Check back regularly for new info on The Olde Bulldogge.

If you haven’t already, take a look at the battles between the Philo Kuon breeders. The Philo-Kuon worked to preserve the bull baiters. Meanwhile, the sour mug breeder’s concepts lead to today’s English Bulldog.

Here is one sentence I particularly enjoy from this historical writing. “The Philo-Kuon breeders examined the third type, the sour mug, and declared it an abomination against nature and didn’t take the sour mug breeder’s threats seriously, threats to take over the English Bulldog national club and change the standard to favor the freakish sour mug.” You can find the rest of this story and lots more in the links on this page.

Olde English Bulldogge - Bulldog History and Information

Why We Feel Bulldog Information is Important for this Special Breed

Evolution Bulldogges made these pages to provide you with historic bulldog information to help you make more informed decisions about the Olde English Bulldogge. We feel that education about the Bulldog’s history will help fight ignorance regarding the Olde English Bulldogge. This wonderful breed was reconstructed to be healthy and capable, very much like the Philo Kuon of yesteryear.

We find ourselves once again in this same battle in the current day Bulldogge. One faction of breeders breeds towards athletic, healthy dogs. Meanwhile, an ever-growing second faction is breeding for looks only. Too many breeders now produce dogs with excessively short muzzles, lots of wrinkles, and rare or exotic colors. Nearly every time, they do this with no regard for health or temperament.

Sharing bulldog information will lead to a better understanding of our wonderful bully breed. Perhaps it will help dry up the cloud of deceit casting a heavy shadow on the breed we love so much. You can find Olde English Bulldogge information all over the web, and we do not claim to be the foremost authority on the topic. But we enjoy sharing bulldog information with our fellow bully lovers. We also feel we have a nice collection of informative reading materials and links.

But Wait, There’s More (than Bulldog History)

Our Olde English Bulldogge information pages include three topics- breeding, health, and history.  We hope you enjoy these Old English Bulldog information pages as much as we enjoyed learning the material the very first time!

Click the following links to learn more about each topic.
Bulldogge HistoryBulldogge HealthBreeding and Genetics

34 thoughts on “Bulldog Info”

  1. Mr Miller great dogs awesome family protector, a beautiful muscular gentle giants you are the creator of some of the best dogs i have seen keep up the good work and keep evolving mr evolution.

  2. By far the best looking OEB I’ve seen to date. I’m in KY and will hopefully being talking with you soon. My family and I has been wanting a OEB for a while now but I’m very picky with my dogs. As soon as I get done building my new house and get moved in and settled down you’ll be hearing from me.


  3. Hi,
    My name is Pierre.
    Im from Sweden and i have an alternative oeb that have european champion lines.
    I see that in Sweden we are at risk for having a problem with inbreeding, pretty much all off the studs and dames are from the same kennels………
    My early experiense have been more with pitbulls but now since my boy blue change my world i am “blessed” with the bulldog love.
    I first seen your video of static on youtube when you are downtown Lawrence or something like that.
    He is one amasing dog.both size/looks and from what i can see temper wise also.
    Since getting to love this breed im thinking off breeding my boy to start a new line here in sweden so that i can help keep the breed healthy.
    your dogs and your thoughts about the breed makes me happy.
    I just have one concern with your program. In a part off a text you mentioned inlinebreeding. if i have the info correct that meens that you are breeding sibblings or mother/child…….
    please correct me if im wrong. you know
    more about this then me.
    please get back to me .
    Best regards
    Pierre Ivarsson

    • Hi Pierre,
      Thanks for the kind words. I do linebreed and occasionally inbreed my dogs. Linebreeding or inbreeding itself is neither a positive nor a negative thing, just a tool that a breeder has which he can utilize to produce better or worse. Keep in mind that every single established breed of animal on this planet was established by extensive linebreeding and inbreeding to set breedtype. The reason that any breed looks or acts differently from any other breed is the result of extensive inbreeding until type has been locked in by limiting the number of genetic variations within that breed. If you look at the Olde Bulldogge as a breed it will take you little time to see that the entire breed is a washed out messy soup of slop with such huge variation of type it is difficult to tell that a lineup of 10 Oldes would be classified as the same breed. The reason for this is that the original Olde – the Leavitt bulldog – was linebred for many generations, however the others who have contributed to the genepool following David Leavitt’s work have not been so diligent. So, if anyone is to set type in their own breeding program with Oldes they must linebreed and inbreed in order to limit variation on their yard.
      Genetically what happens when you outcross (breed unrelated animals together) the genetics are diluted since unrelated animals are not likely to share many of the same genes. Linebreeding maintains the genetic variance, and inbreeding concentrates genetic similarity. So basically if you inbreed on poor specimens you will concentrate the poor qualities of the parents and produce even poorer quality offspring. If you inbreed on great genetics, you concentrate the greatness that is present. This is why it is so important to me to health and temperament test ALL of my breeding stock prior to deciding to use each individual on my yard. I must breed exceptional specimens to produce more greatness. Dogs who do not test well, and show poor genetics are never used in my breeding program. That is the big difference between Evolution Bulldogges and other lessor breeders in the world. I do extensive testing and selectively breed only the finest specimens to evolve my kennel generation after generation.

  4. Does selecting a runt increase the risk of having poor health and possibly shorter life span?

    • There can be many reasons for a pup to be smaller, but not all of them are because there is an issue. It is certainly more common for runts to have issues, which is why if I ever offer a runt up for sale it is thoroughly checked by a vet beforehand to make sure there are no health concerns. Every Evolution Bulldogge pup comes with a lifetime health guarantee which can be found on my puppies page.

  5. I’m just wondering why Fat Girl doesn’t have a page like all of the other dogs. Prettiest girl on the block (I think) and only one picture with no info. Brian, you got a problem with curvy gals? LOL

    • LOL! Not at all. Fat Girl has just not gotten a good photoshoot yet that I feel represents the Bulldogge that she is very well in pictures. The picture of Fat Girl that is listed I feel represents her well, and I dont have many pictures of her yet.

  6. Hi, Im fascinated with the Olde Bulldogge breed. I had little or no knowledge that this type of breed even existed. I’ve trained in Schutzhund with Rottweilers and was wondering if they are capable of performing in that level of competition?

    • Hi Jonathon, Schutzhund was designed as a test for the GSD. It is not geared towards the mental and physical aptitudes of other, non-herding breeds. A Bulldogge that excels at Schutzhund would not be a very typey bulldogge in mind or body. Testing an Olde English Bulldogge in Schutzhund would be much like testing a Rottweiler as a gun dog to retrieve ducks from water. My bulldogges are created to have explosive power, so they do incredibly well in hardest hitting and weight pull, as well as being protective family companions. There are very few dogs in the world that do well in Schutzhund which can also be an excellent family pet. Can an Evolution Bulldogge be trained to compete in Schutzhund? Sure, since my dogs are highly intelligent and trainable, but will never do as well as a breed created for that type of work.

  7. Your correct with regards to GSD geared for Schutzhund. It was difficult for me to obtain a title for my Rotti, although I have seen different breeds other than GSD that actually excelled in Schutzhund. Would you consider your Bulldogge trainable in obedience as in a BH (Begleithund) in Schutzhund which is essentially a temperament test for which any breed is welcome to complete?

  8. Hello and how are you , will you do a fat girl and mambo breeding anytime soon. She is by far one of the best females that i have seen in a long time lots of muscle nice front end nice head and a small eyes WOW i would love to have a yard full of her type….thanks.

  9. When will you be breeding fat girl to mambo ? Fat girl is by far the best female that I have seen in very long time , please let me know of her next breeding thanks.

    • Fat Girl is due to come in heat in December. I have not finalized a stud for her at this point, but was strongly considering Either Evolution’s Rex or Evolution’s Legion of Darkness. Rex is a Mambo half-brother down from Static, and Legion is a Mambo son out of Evolution’s Shiva. I do currently have a short waiting list of customers who have placed deposits to get first look at all future pups, and the best way to make sure you get the puppy you want is to get on the list by placing a deposit. Position on the list is determined by who placed their deposit first. The longer you are on the list the higher up you move and get first option to choose from all available puppies. I always work my way through my waiting list before posting anything on the website. Feel free to call, and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about my bulldogges and would be happy to walk you through the process of getting your own Evolution Bulldogge.

  10. Hi I was trying to find out when will you have more puppies for sale and how much will a down payment be

    • I breed throughout the year, and the best way to get a puppy is to place the $500 deposit to be placed on the waiting list. Once you do that you will be contacted with available puppies to select from as they become available. If you dont see what you like the first time, you will keep your placement on the waiting list based on when you placed your deposit compared to the others on the waiting list. It’s first come, first served, so when you get to the top of the list you stay there and will be the first to see all available puppies before anyone else until you find just the right pup for you. Prices range from $2000-$3000.

        • Ramy is currently being bred to Blayze. Pups due to be born beginning of May. You can use my online store to place a deposit to secure your spot on the waiting list. Be sure to read over my buying policy found on the for sale page.

    • Hi Michael, it took me 10 years of searching to find a guy who could make them for me for a reasonable price. I ordered a large quantity to keep the costs down for my customers. If you want a wide, padded leather collar handcrafted for a lifetime of use go to my online store and pick one up. You will be very happy with it. The large fits 50-75 pounds and the x-large fits 75-110 pounds.

  11. Hello Brian you know when you will have dark red Puppies like bora such amazing color

    • Red and Chocolate puppies are common here. I have several breedings coming up this year which will produce that color. The best way to ensure you get what you want is to place a deposit so you will be put on the waiting list and have first opportunity to choose from all available pups.

  12. Hi Brian.
    I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I wish to buy a pup from you and hope you would be interested in going thru the process of exporting to me. I have been in contact with the authorities here and dogs from the USA have to go thru a 10 day quarantine. I stumbled across your website a few weeks ago…must say its very impressive, the results from your life’s work and dedication to the breed are fantastic, keep on. I am a dog person and have kept Mastiffs in the past. (French Bordeaux). I am dogless at the moment and would be extra keen to own one of yours. Really hope this is possible…..

  13. Brian is the the pavement and foundation of the ultimate bulldogge. He is a real deal. The easiest person to talk to, with so much knowledge of the breed. Rock solid is his mission statement. He has a better way for the breed!!!

  14. Hi Brian,

    Love your dogs and your obvious passion. Question: do the OEB’s have a drooling problem? Also, do you feel there are major differences in personality in Males vs. Females? I know sometimes Females tend to be more protective, etc..

    • Hi Mike, thank you. My dogs are fairly tight-lipped for the breed which minimizes drooling. They do drip water from the water bowl, and can drool a bit at feeding time. Other than that drool is not an issue. The only differences in temperament between males and females in my bloodling of Bulldogges would be that males tend to bond with larger groups than females who tend to stick to one or two favorite people. The protective instincts run evenly across both sexes.

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