Butcher Block’s King Arthur is from Evolution’s Brody x Evolution’s Darla, a linebreeding on Ch. Evolution’s Static, who appears in the pedigree 5 times in 5 generations. Following exceptional breeding practices, with consistently making complimentary pairings generation after generation, Arthur embodies the traits I have diligently been working towards for the last 14 years, which can be found written on the My Vision page of this website. At only 20 months of age, King Arthur has lots of filling out and maturity left to come. That being said, it doesn’t get any better than this stud right here in the Olde English Bulldogge world.
Contact me for stud services, he is now available to cover your female.

King Arthur Pedigree - 4 generations

King Arthur came from my good friend and breeding partner, Abnir Snay. Check out his website here. Butcher Block Bulldogs