Carpet Mill Plans

Build Your Own Dog Treadmill

Proven Solution for…

…turning rowdy dogs into sleepy dogs.
…turning hour long workouts into 10 minute workouts.
…building muscle faster than any other method.
…low impact exercise to improve joint stability.
…being able to fully exercise your dog despite poor weather.

With these tread mill plans, building your own carpet mill can be a fun weekend project that you can start using right away.

The cost of these tried and true carpet mill plans is only $40.

What Comes With The Carpetmill Plans

Your set of plans will come to you within 24 hours via email.  They with a complete materials list of what you will need to build the carpet mill start to finish, a complete tools list (so you know every single tool you will need), a full cut list (so you can cut out all of your parts before you begin assembly – speeding up the process greatly), and step-by-step instructions guiding you through each joint you make, and every last screw you drive until the carpet mill is 100% complete.

The plans started out being blueprints, but I found most people have a hard time with technical drawings.  So I revised them to include multiple accurate detailed drawings to illustrate every step of assembly.  They are extremely user-friendly now.  Also included is the simplest, fastest method of training any dog to run the carpet mill safely.

Easy to Follow

I have done everything imaginable to remove all the guesswork from building a dog-powered treadmill, and included everything you will need in these plans.  It took a good long time, effort, money, and lots of setbacks to be able to draw up these carpet mill plans for you.  Please do not share your set of plans with anyone.

When you purchase your treadmill building plans, you are buying them with licensing rights to build one carpet mill for personal use.  The plans have copyright and seal to protect my intellectual rights to this original design.

These tread mill plans were assembled for those who want a low-cost method of building a wood-framed carpet mill without having to go through the headaches of research and development or spend big bucks to buy one and have it shipped.

If that sounds like you, proceed to the secure checkout.  Order today, at the intro price of only $40.

You’ll be very pleased with your new plans and the carpet mill they will help you make.

Want more information on this Dog Treadmill? Click Here

Carpet mills are the very best exercise available for a dog.  I have tried dozens of methods for increasing the strength and muscle of my dogs, and have found the carpet mill to be the very best workout that there is.

Lots of people mistakenly think that a human treadmill will work just as well as a dog powered treadmill.


A regular treadmill offers absolutely no resistance training for your dog’s exercise needs.  It also does not force them to use all the small stabilizing muscles required to balance on a slipping surface.  True strength is built only when all the muscles involved in real-life situations are strong and high functioning.  Also having all the muscles properly exercised rather than just the major ones will decrease the instance of injury from a larger muscle tearing a minor stabilizing muscle when balance is required.  The performance improves dramatically over the use of an electric powered treadmill, or even pulling a drag sled.  Once you build your own carpet mill and see the difference yourself, you will call and thank me!

The investment is small, but the return is HUGE!  Take a look at the rear on my boy Static at the top of this page!  He developed that amazing rear after only 2 months of using the carpet mill 2 days a week!!!

Order your plans today and experience the results this proven carpet mill design will produce with your dog!

The plans are ONLY $40

Don’t Have the Skills or Tools to Build a Mill??????

Many of my customers have purchased the plans and paid Home Depot or Lowes to cut each piece for them so that all they have left is the assembly process.

Some of my customers have even bypassed the entire process and dropped the plans off with a local cabinet shop and paid them a couple hundred to build it for them.  Either way, it has been cheaper than purchasing any other carpet mill on the market, AND there is not a carpet mill out there that has produced an ass on a dog like this!!!!!!  The research and development that went into this design have allowed the final build to far surpass the capacity of other mills on the market to build muscle!

The secret is the fine line between creating resistance, and allowance of the belt to slip, forcing the dog to maintain balance, which utilizes multiple stabilizer muscles in the effort of running the Revolution Carpet Mill.  The results are proven.  This mill is so effective that my most conditioned dog completes his entire workout in six minutes or less.

Every week that goes by without a properly designed carpet mill is a week of lost training.  How many more weeks will you put off building your dog into what you know he can become.

The Plans are only $40, but the gains your dog will make will be worth hundreds of times the price…

Want to see a video of this dog treadmill in action? Click here

62 thoughts on “Carpet Mill Plans”

    • Yes, carpet mill plans are available. Once payment is made, your plans will ship out within 24 hours.
      The first page of the plans is a full materials list that you can take with you to the hardware store and buy everything to build your mill. The second page is a cut list giving you all the lengths to cut all the materials. The following pages are step by step instructions with detailed drawings showing you how to assemble all of the parts you cut. The plans make the building process very simple to make your carpetmill.
      I have also included in the plans the process I use to teach my dogs to run the carpet mill, which makes the treadmill exciting and fun for your dogs!

  1. do you still have plans to build a homemade treadmill? and if so is it still $40? I was also wondering if you guys build them and ship them.

    • Yes, plans are still available. I do occasionally still build mills, but not all year. Feel free to call between 9am and 9pm with any questions. 785-851-8888 -Brian

  2. Hello,

    Will this mill hold my dogs weight, at this time my pit bull is 5 months old so I am unsure as to how much he will weigh when he’s fully grown? Also when is a good time to start training him on a mill?

    • This mill design accommodates form 20-140 pound dogs very well. The Revolution carpet mill gets its resistance from the weight of the dog rather than the belt as other mills do. Working out this concept took a lot of hours of trial and error when I was building the first few prototypes, and now it is an integral part of the way this mill works, which is one of the reasons this carpet mill is so effective in building muscle.

      Starting 6 month old pups with light play on the mill is beneficial, but really working a dog on the carpet mill is recommended only after 1 year of age.

        • I dont know anyone who has tried putting a cat on a treadmill. The best way to reduce weight is to regulate food intake compared to daily calorie expenditure. That means you can reduce food, or increase activity level, or both.

  3. Do you still make them I only ask cause I’d rather have someone make it and not have to worry about it being done wrong

    • Yes I still build carpet mills from time to time. The availability for me to build you a carpet mill varies so if you would like me to build one for you, give me a call to see if I have time slotted for mill building. 785-851-8888

      • Ever thought about selling a kit that includes everything. Wood already cut all the screws and rollers.

        • If you are interested in something like this we can work something out. The price could be reduced by a lot over a full build since it would really cut down on my labor, but would allow my customers without tools the opportunity to do much of the time consuming assembly and get a great product at a great price. Yes I would definitely do this. Give me a call and we can work out the details. 785-851-8888

          • Yes that is a Brilliant idea, I think it will open up that corner of the market that is between buying a complete product and those buying plans! This would definitely give people the satisfaction of building it without going out purchasing all the materials and cutting them! I am definitely interested in the un-assembled package! Would you feel more comfortable discussing price over the phone or on here? Thank you, John

  4. It seems as if the link to purchase the carpet Mill is down, I would like to purchase the blue prints ASAP, can you help?

  5. Hi
    We love your dogs, they are in beautiful condition.

    We have a 37kg Continental Bulldog and we would love one of your carpet mills.

    Do you ship the plans to Austria-Europe?

    We assume the measurements are in imperial.

    Would we be able to build it using metric components?
    Are some parts specific to the USA, or would they all be easily available at a normal hardware store?

    Best regards from Austria

    • Thanks for the kind words. Yes, the plans are in imperial measurements, but can be built with easy to find materials at any hardware store with possibly an exception on the bearings. There is a part number for the bearings that can be cross referenced at any bearing supply. You should have no problems building it with components found anywhere in the world.

  6. Brian I talked to you earlier about the prefabbed mill. Sorry it took so long to get it done, but i sent the payment Western Union. Don’t need the mill sent out as soon as Mon. Just want to get one from you. Tried to email you regular and it didn’t work. Will be hard to reach until Sun night (coon hunt) but will get it worked out Thanks

    • Contact me between 10am and 9pm central time any day and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 785-851-8888 – Brian

  7. How much do you estimate this would cost me to build? I’m a semi handy woman, is this project too hard for me and about how many hours to complete? Thanks

    • Costs of materials will vary regionally, but I spend about $160 on materials in Kansas. The plans are very easy to follow and the skill level is moderate. Most who are some-what handy will have no problems building a mill with these plans. I estimate this project at 2 regular days labor for your average first time builder.

  8. I was thinking about buying the plans but am curious where I would have to buy the carpet belt. Could it be found at a national chain store like Lowe’s/Home Depot or does it have to be special ordered?

    • Yes, the belt is made from carpet that can be found anywhere. The plans walk you through step by step how to make the belt. Remember the thicker/heavier the carpet you choose, the more resistance for your dog to run the mill.

  9. These mill plans still available also what would i need to accomidate 150ibs dog

    • Yes, the plans are always available. There is a link to my online store on every page of my website which will allow you to purchase the plans quickly and easily online. Yes, the carpet mill will accommodate a 150 pound dog without modification. feel free to call with questions if you are serious about purchasing the plans. I will be happy to answer any questions which will help you better make an informed decision. 785-851-8888

  10. Been looking on your link and I’m interested in buying an unassembled carpet mill with all suppies included with the Carpet and blue prints all I need is a price I’m in Tennessee so let me know what the shipping would be my#is 865 850-6761

  11. Hi,
    I just purchased your plan. However can you provide some guidance on where i can go to have all the materials provided and cut where applicable? I want to do the assembly part myself.

  12. Hello,
    I am interested in buying your mill plan but wondering if Id have to make any modifications to accomodate my fairly large 10mo mastiff puppy- who is still growing. what is the standard width and length of the mill belt?

    Thanks for your help

    • The Revolution Carpet Mill will work great for dogs up to about 150 pounds. Larger than that and you may need to make the running surface longer than the 66″ called for in the plans, and may need to make the support braces taller as well.

  13. So is there a way this could be set up so as to hook the dog from behind with a sledding harness? I need a way to exercise my young siberians when we have no snow and it’s too warm for pulling a bike or a cart.

  14. Do you still have plans, I would really like to purchase for my working line German Shepherd.
    I am looking at purchasing over the next couple of weeks.

  15. Would you suggest a carpet mill over a slat mill universally for all dog breeds? The reason I ask is that you said that resistance is based on weight, and bulldogs seem to be quite dense for their size. However I have a Belgian Malinois which, while a very strong dog, is also very light for their size (45lbs but taller/longer than our neighbor’s 70lb boxer/pitt.). Would their lighter weight frames get less of a workout on this than on the other styles of dog treadmills? Would you recommend I put a hiking pack/harness on her with some weight in when she’s on it? Also, in my Malinois groups online I notice two thoughts on running dogs on mills. The first is that since the ones made for dogs are propelled by puppy power instead of a motor you should let your high drive dogs feel free to use it as long as they want to, as a tired maligator is a happy maligator lol. The other thought is that since they’re so high drive they will keep going as long as you let them and cause injury/stress just because they don’t know when to quit. What is your opinion on how often and what duration that you’d consider maximum safe daily workout?

    • Hi Janet,
      I have limited experience with working non-bull breeds, but I believe the concepts are going to be the same. To answer your first question if I suggest using a carpet mill over a slat mill for all breeds- No. I suggest using the best tools available for your particular goals. I want to add mass with a carpet mill as a primary purpose, and add some wind and metabolic conditioning being secondary. Being heavily dense dogs, bullbreeds will have more resistance than other breeds on a carpet mill, so they will tend to tire faster and get a more complete workout in shorter periods of time than other breeds. Adding a weighted vest will increase resistance on a carpet mill and decrease workout times. As with all breeds, pay close attention to the breathing and tissue colors of your dog while exercising as well as knowing the signs your dog displays when muscle fatigue starts to set in. It is always better, in my opinion, to consistently under train than to even over train once. Since each dog is individual and no two dogs are the same, there is no maximum time frame for a session on the mill. But to give you an idea of my training times, generally my most well conditioned dogs are not on the mill longer than 7 minutes per session, no more than 3 days per week. I would guess that these answers are not as detailed as you would like, but without being present for your particular dog’s workout it is nearly impossible to give direct answers to these very specific questions. As with any exercise program, it is prudent to visit a vet for a physical evaluation prior to starting a training regimen, start slowly, and build up gradually. Hope this helps.

  16. The plans to build the carpet mill are $40.00, no problem, but on average what would be the cost for complete building materials (minus any tools cost ). To shop raw materials only ?

  17. Hi thinking of buying the plans, but was wondering where i would get the material for the belt and rollers are all these made, or would they have to be made specific


    • You can generally get all the materials at any hardware store for all the parts with maybe the exception of the bearings. Bearings are easily purchased at bearing supply stores or online.

  18. Any chance the plans can be emailed? I’m ordering from Canada and just would like to avoid the long wait for the post man :-).

  19. Hi there 🙂

    Do you still offer the plan for the carpet mill?
    and do you send it on email?


  20. Hi,
    Are the plans still available for purchase? Are they suitable for a German Shepherd and could they be emailed as I don’t live in the UK?

    Thank you

    • Yes, as long as this page is up, the plans are available. A GSD would do great on this mill. I will email your plans as soon as I see the order come through.

  21. Hi!

    Do you still ship a package with all the parts included? How much would that be? I live in Virginia. I’m thinking summer project but asking Home Depot to cut things gives me anxiety.

  22. Just purchased plans can everything be bought at either Home Depot or Lowe’s wanting this for my dobermans

  23. Hi Brian, I have a smaller 17 pound Mini Australian Shepard who is very energetic and needs to be worked a lot. I live in AZ, so it gets really hot in the summer. I’m hoping to purchase your plans to make a mill. However, I’ve seen in your other responses that the resistance is an important factor. Is my dog too light for these plans/mill to work? Can I make a smaller one and have it work? Thanks so much for your advice!

    • 17 pounds is pretty small, but there are adjustments that can be made to accommodate a dog this size even with the full-size design. Using a lightweight indoor/outdoor carpet will decrease resistance as well as using dry silicone spray lubricant on all moving parts and especially under the carpet belt. Additionally, the more precise your cuts and assembly, the more free spinning the mill will be.

  24. Hi;
    I am from Australia.
    Just wondering if your cut list of measurements are in Imperial or metric?


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