This giant bitch is one impressive Olde English Bulldogge! She tips the scales over 90 pounds. Crucial moves with such deliberate intensity it is likely to leave you uneasy until you learn how sweet she is.

giant Olde English Bulldogge female
black brindle Olde English Bulldogge tall and muscular
Side view of Evolution's Crucial - large Olde English Bulldogge bitch
Evolution Bulldogge Crucial - 92 pound Olde English Bulldogge bitch
Olde English Bulldogge muscular rear
Olde English Bulldogge pedigree - clockwise breeding
Evolution's Crucial

Evolution’s Crucial’s pedigree above only shows 4 generations. If it was a 6 generation pedigree you would see that Extreme’s Ali appears in her pedigree nine times. Ch Evolution’s Static appears in her pedigree seven times. Evolution’s Mambo appears four times, and Evolution’s Shiva twice. Evolution’s Halo was sired by Static and out of Evolution’s Keiko. Extreme’s Ali sired both Static and Keiko. Crucial is the result of five generations of clockwise breedings.

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