My breeding partner, Abnir Snay, produced Butcher Block’s Bora in Washington state. She is from Evolution’s Brody bred to Evolution’s Darla, and has a pedigree stacked with great Evolution Bulldogges! It didn’t take long for her to become one of my favorite females on the yard. She moves with speed, agility, and stamina exactly as I like. Her health is impeccable, and her temperament embodies the vision of balanced drives. Look at the muscle on this girl!

Butcher Block's Bora pedigree

Bora has always been a little spitfire! When Abnir brought her out to me, he told me that his Japanese wife named this feisty little puppy the Japanese name for baby boar. I don’t speak Japanese which guarantees I would butcher the language, so I named her Bora as a tribute. Want to see a hidden video of Baby Bora playing along with two other pups? King Arthur, her littermate brother, is one of those pups. Bora is the smallest of the three in the video.