An Olde English Bulldogge breeder can be misjudged by the words he speaks, the food he feeds, or the company he keeps.

A breeder can only be truly measured by the dogs he has PRODUCED.

Evolution Bulldogges produced every one of these Olde English Bulldogges.


Evolution Bulldogges has been an Olde English Bulldogge breeder since 2005.

Notice we do not breed so-called “rare” or “exotic” colors. Searching the web you will see many new introductions to this breed in regards to colors and patterns. Most of the new variants are cross-bred, not purebred Olde English Bulldogges. Forged paperwork regularly accompanies these dogs. New coat color mutations are extremely rare. They typically occur only after inbreeding for many, many generations.

If you see breeders focusing on coat colors, be sure to read their health guarantee (if they even offer one). Evolution Bulldogges come with a lifetime health guarantee. We are very proud of our productions and stand behind them with the best guarantee in the breed. You can find our guarantee on the puppies for sale page under the testimonials.

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What Evolution Bulldogges Believes

Olde English Bulldogges should be healthy, hearty, athletic, powerful bulldogs with both high working drives as well as sweet family-friendly temperaments. Protecting their family should be an important motivation. Many of the different breeds of dogs (including Old English Bulldogs) bred for protection type work do not possess the sound, patient mind required to tolerate living with children.

Evolution Bulldogges breeds specifically for this purpose. With each generation of Olde English Bulldogge produced at Evolution Bulldogges, a higher percentage of bulldogs spring from this mold. Soon we hope that every Olde Bulldogge made at Evolution will embody this vision.

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Our selective breeding process

Evolution devised a proven selection technique for making complimentary breedings unmatched in the rest of the bulldog community. We have written evaluation sheets for every single Olde English Bulldogge puppy born. Evaluations occur at precisely the same age for each puppy. We believe our evaluation process forms a baseline of controlled variables. This process allows future referencing of specific developmental trends in this particular bloodline. Weighing faults against virtues, no two dogs breed together which share the same two faults.

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