Brassy is one of those sweet dogs you just love to sit next to and pet her super soft coat while she tries to figure out how to curl up on your lap with her 80 pounds of muscle.

She is one of my last Ali daughters, and only one generation down from the man himself who started it all at Evolution.

Brassy is another super athletic, high drive female with a great on/off switch.  She can be fully engaged in frothed up drive, and turn it all off in a matter of seconds.

With an awesome family-friendly companion temperament, she is a true personal protection do. She is always willing to put herself on the line for the love of her family.

She produces that same athleticism, exceptional muscle, beautiful proportions, and drive to protect in her offspring.

Brassy has been retired since 2016.

Olde English Bulldogge


Here is a fun video of Brassy’s momma, Cadence.