Outstanding Olde English Bulldogge Breedings for 2022

Kodyak was bred with Brazen

More breedings coming as soon as my girls come into heat. Taking deposits for the waiting list now.
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How Do We Build Better Olde English Bulldogge Puppies?

Breeding is both an art and a science. I have been a drummer and a multimedia artist for most of my life. I have always had an artistic side, but I am also a “by the numbers” guy. Meaning, I find decision-making easier when I can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of a decision.  With breeding, I absolutely need to see what my dogs are in their simplest forms on paper. It took many years to develop a method that has proven highly effective.

Using a written evaluation sheet with a scoring method, I have figured out the best way to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each dog. When it comes to breedings, I also developed a method that focuses on making complementary pairings. I chart each potential mate when a bitch comes into heat. Using a whiteboard, I analyze traits, and each stud winds up with a score based upon how he matches the bitch. Never doubling on faults, I match up the highest number of desirable traits together to get the best possible outcome.

I specifically match all of my Olde English Bulldogge breedings to produce puppies in line with my Vision.

Since 2005, I have followed a clear vision that demands solid HEALTH and stable TEMPERAMENTS for my kennel. Only the highest quality dogs are used in my breeder program to produce the highest quality Olde English Bulldogge puppies for sale. All of my bulldogs must pass hip x-rays before breeding. Additionally, every dog in the foundation of my line DNA Veri-SNP tested clear. I evaluate each Bulldogge’s movement, breathing, and athletic ability. Evolution Bulldogges uses only the most impressive and capable specimens.

I create extreme Bulldogge looks, but I know going too extreme will hinder functionality. I create massive muscular bulldogs with sound structure, proper skeletal alignment, and extraordinarily fluid movement. While making healthy and impressive-looking dogs, I spend extra focus on producing sweet-tempered, loving, and highly trainable bulldogs.

To compete and prove my stock, I participated heavily in nationwide conformation and working events over the years. Evolution Bulldogges consistently placed at the highest levels in competition. In 2009 I became a sanctioned judge with the OBBA and the ABRA, which has helped me evaluate my breeding stock tremendously. My drive to produce nothing but the best Bulldogs genetically possible built my reputation in the Olde Bulldogge world. We have produced many beloved family protectors, service dogs, and companions sold and delivered worldwide. Every puppy comes with a lifetime health guarantee.

See what puppies are currently available on our puppies for sale page.

Get to know us on our Evolution Bulldogges YouTube channel.

96 thoughts on “Outstanding Olde English Bulldogge Breedings for 2022”

  1. Do you have any breeding lined up with fat girl, and do you get red or chocolate pups

    • I currently have Mambo bred to Melee, Siren, and Vixyn. Mambo carries the chocolate (red) gene, Melee is chocolate brindle, and Siren and Vixyn both carry chocolate (red). I will have lots of red and chocolate bulldogge puppies on the ground here in just over a month. Fat Girl will be skipped this heat.

  2. Mambo is all Bulldogge for sure!!

    “You can’t lose sight of your goal when you vision is clear.”
    Southern Insanity

  3. Mambo is all Bulldogge for sure!!

    “You can’t lose sight of your goal when your vision is clear.”
    Southern Insanity

  4. I live in New Zealand and love America bulldogs but the evolution bulldogges wow so good I wood love a pup wood you export to New Zealand

    • I ship pups worldwide and would be happy to ship to New Zealand. Feel free to email me and we can get the ball rolling on working out the details.

  5. I’ve been looking at this website for a good 2 weeks now and I must say, just by looking at your dogs has made me fall in LOVE deeper with this breed. I hope to own a Olde Bulldogge in the near future and would love to learn more about the breed. You have some amazing dogs and those modern English Bulldogs can’t stand a chance. I’ve always been a bulldog man, my first puppy growing up was a Pitbull.

  6. Hi Brian, I was wondering if you had any other breedings scheduled anytime soon? and if im correct you only have the one puppy from mombo and brassy and the one from leelou right? If you could please email me back as soon as you get chance. Thanks

  7. i got a puppy from brian she is powerful and one of the best dog i ever own and i had lots of dogs always got my back when someone knots but still lick u to death love all people will always buy a dog from him can’t go wrong from brian pups judy holt

    • I have a litter of puppies on the ground that Evolution’s Brick Wall sired right now. They are 4 weeks old and evaluations are done. Pictures of the remaining available pups will be posted to the website later today.

  8. I have young children ( 5 & 4), what would be the best pairings to produce the most child friendly bulldogge. I know the breed is already child friendly I would just like to know of your possible breeding combination who do you feel would make the best child dog. Additionally, do you plan on breeding this pair and if so when>

    • I get sweet tolerant pups in every litter. Its not so much a matter of which parents, as much as its a matter of picking the right individual puppy for your family. I can certainly help you do that.

  9. Will you ever reproduce a Bulldogge like Animal? I only saw one of your YouTube vids of Animal at 8 months. I don’t know if you have any more. I don’t even know what his stats as an adult were, but I would love to have a clone of him to be about 80lbs and looking the way Animal did at 8 months. Animal was perfect!

    • Animal is from Static bred to Shiva. All of the puppies that I produce have he same dogs in the pedigree as Animal. I produce lots of dogs similar to Animal as a result. I agree though, Animal was definitely one of a kind. I have some really nice keepers from Smash bred to Chrome Red that are really similar to Animal in type and temperament. I repeated the breeding and got 10 pups out of it that are now 5 days old. I have a waiting list so if ya want a badass Bulldogge pup like Animal the best way to get what you want is to get a deposit in to get on the list.

    • I breed my Bulldogges year round, and have puppies for sale regularly. The best way to make sure you get the pup that you want is to get on the waiting list by placing a deposit. I contact my waiting list first before anyone else when I have puppies available for sale.

  10. I have spent weeks looking at so many different websites that represent old English bulldogs. I’ve spent probably 40 hours researching your kennel as well as watching every single YouTube video you have. I even started following evolution on Instagram. There’s no doubt about it you have the most attractive dogs I have ever seen in my life. To get to the point I would love an opportunity to introduce one of your pops to my family here in Michigan. I think my 10 yr. old son would love it!
    Can you tell me when the next planned breeding are as well as how long the line is for the opportunity to buy. I want to make sure I’m financially ready when the time comes. I’m sure your pups are in high demand.
    Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon

  11. Hello Brian I was trying to find answers to the next breeding and could I start paying on a pup off the best stud and dam you have . Please give me a shout back through phone or email eri**********@Yahoo.com

    • I just had a litter from Jordan, but all the pups were spoken for very early on by the folks on my waiting list. If youre wanting something specific, the best way to get it is to place a $500 deposit to get on the waiting list so you can get first pick when the bulldog puppy you are looking for becomes available.

  12. hi brian.
    you have and have bred some stunning dogs . please can you help me in advising me how best to get a female pup of yourself and shipping it to England , united kingdom.
    its for my 7 year old son . how much is shipping ext ext , for colour I think I would I love a full bar bitch pup in champagne, fawn, red, black, blue, or lilac it pretty much dosent matter as all your dogs are stunning

    • Both Smash and Brick Wall sired litters this year, yes. Evolution’s Smash is sire to Evolution’s Danger, a young female who just pulled 150 times her body weight at the last weight pull. That is a massive amount of weight after just 12 weeks of training, something most weight pull dogs will never accomplish in a lifetime of training.

    • Feel free to call me to get details of current and upcoming breedings. All of those girls will be bred within the next year. As always, those who have placed deposits to get on my waiting list get first look at all puppies when they reach 4 weeks and get evaluated. I price each Bulldogge puppy based upon their evaluations and work my way down my waiting list before the general public is able to select from the puppies which were not reserved from the folks on the list. A deposit of $500 which goes toward the purchase price of your puppy will get you on the list, and the longer you are on the list the higher up you move until you either find the puppy which is perfect for you, or you pass on pups until you are at the top of the list and get first shot at every available puppy before anyone else. If you are serious about getting an Evolution Bulldogge puppy, please call and I can answer any questions you have, and can walk you through the process of owning your first Evolution pup. 785-851-8888

  13. Very impressive dogs you have. ??????
    I would love to get a male pup out of Brick wall or Smash and Chrome Red! All I can say is Wow!?

  14. This December marks my one year anniversary when my puppy arrived in Nj from Evolution Bulldogges and she always makes heads turn. She has a huge head and great muscle. Everyone always mistakes her for a boy because of her size and no one can believe she is only One! Truly excited to see how she continues to develop. Brian has been very helpful and patient with all of our questions. Keep up the great work!

  15. Hi , I would like to find out more about the Alaunts . How much do they typically run an when will you have pups available?

  16. What is the pedigree for Rex and is he available to stud
    Sent you a pic of Darby, do you think Rex appears to be a good physical match. Darby is on the edge of being over undershot so am concerned about a stud with less

    • Rex is a Ch. Evolution’s Static son, out of a female named Tsukimi. Rex is barely undershot, with excellent alignment and good dentition. He is available for stud. Most of my boys are available with short notice but at least a week’s notice is best to make sure I have everything on hand to ship chilled extended fresh semen. Every stud service I ship is guaranteed to be viable upon delivery. All my boys have semen analysis and are rated very high for fertility. I have excellent luck with high conception rates on stud service from shipped semen off my boys.

    • She will be coming back into heat within the next 2 months and I plan to breed her to Evolution’s Rebel. I accept early deposits to reserve pups if you are wanting to do that. Just give me a call and I will help you set that up.

  17. Can you tell us about rebels size, color, temperament. I am looking for a pup close to breed standard. You have the finest breeding stock I have seen . Also you mention that Vegas in soon to be breed but I didn’t see photos or stats on her or Rebel.

    • Rebel is young and still developing out. He is a large Bulldogge at 90 pounds and growing. I will add a picture of Rebel to the studs page today.

    • They have not been born yet. If youre looking for a bulldogge puppy like that feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 785-851-8888 so we can chat about some things and I’ll walk you through the process of getting just the right pup for you.

  18. Well Brian
    I’m so grateful that I came across your website, you’re really a very knowledgeable dog person who knows how to evolve and improve his breeding program constantly! I love how you understand the needs of the caring family and how you find the best puppy to match those needs, it’s magical! My wife and two kids they love our male dog who’s so calm, laid back and lots of fun to be around when engaged. Keep up this wonderful Amazing work of your‼️

  19. Mr. Miller…. anything new or planned with your Alaunts?? I was always intrigued by that plan.

  20. Mr. Miller… any plans for your Alaunts or any pics of those last pups you had? Would love to see have they have grown and hopefully the owners keep in touch. Loved that project!!

  21. Brian, are there any additional breedings happening besides the ones that were due in July? I’m from California and have been doing some research and you are one of the breeders that we like the most. Please let me how we can find out more about upcoming breedings.

    • I do not always set aside the time to keep my website fully updated with upcoming breedings, so the best way to find out about upcoming litters is to call or email. I’m happy to talk dogs with you anytime. The folks who have placed deposits to get on the waiting list get preferential treatment and are always the first to know what pups are coming available.

    • Yes, I currently have two that I would be interested in placing in good homes, and I retire females every year from the program. Anyone who is interested in acquiring a retired female must come see me in person to look at the girls. Give me a call and we can set something up. 785-851-8888

      • Yes. I am generally 2-3 months out from having puppies for you to choose from once you place your deposit to get on the waiting list.

  22. Hello Brian,

    I have started to research breeders, and you are definitely at the top of my list! I see that you are expecting pups from Rebel/Shiva this October, 2018. What are your next TWO breeding plans? If you have not thought that far ahead, what is the NEXT breeding that you feel you will do? And what is the time frame of that breeding? Thanks!

  23. hi everyone its been 3 years for my puppy i got from Brian. let me tell all she is so healthy so nice looking great dog. like i said in my 1st text i will always buy a dog from Brian. best breeder in the world cause he will tell u the truth. u buy or u have to wait . great looking dogs. always has r back. u can get a good night sleep cause u have this powerful dog next to u. u can not go wrong with his dogs. just wanted to tell all. thank u have a great year. judy holt

  24. Good morning Brian, what is weight of rex,let me know if there is anything else that I need to do, waiting to here how next two breedings come out ,am looking foward to receiving a pup. Would still like to drop by to visit, let me know when that would be best ,James

    • Static was a great producer for me and his legacy lives on through nearly every dog in my breeding program as well as many breeding programs around the world. Nearly every pedigree on my yard has him in there at least once.

  25. Hi Brian, what is your normal female standard? I assume the 20inch/110lbs is for males? Females are probably 18inch/85lbs?

    • I have found that an 85 pound bitch is pretty comparable to a 110 pound male. I like my females a bit more refined than my males. So 18.5″ is a bit more desirable, as whelping puppies is easier with a bit more streamlined type.

    • Rebel was bred with Chrome Red and pups are due within the next 3 days. You can reserve a future pup with a deposit from my online store. Feel free to call or email, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

  26. My cousin and I just received our female puppy Friday. Her name is Laila Ali. She came from Smash and Lavish litter. I love her great pup all around man’s best friend.

  27. My wife and I purchased a female off of Clutch and Betty she’s a beautiful girl everybody loves her. Just wanted to thank Brian for such a great pup!

  28. Hello,
    I am interested in breeding my female dogs. This would be the first time I have ever breed dogs and would like some advise. Also I would like more info on your stud service. I noticed that someone had stated that they ordered sperm from you. How does that work?

    • Hi April! I make ordering stud service as easy as possible. Let me know when your female comes in heat so I can set aside a shipping kit for you. Pay the fee, and let me know as soon as you can what day you would like the semen to arrive. If you let me know before noon, I can almost always get semen shipped out to you the same day, to arrive overnight. You will received 3 10cc syringes with fresh chilled, professionally extended semen. I only use Next Generation extenders from Exodus Breeders, so you know you will have the best possible conception rates.
      If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 785-851-8888

  29. Hello i recently lost my female.suddenly and unexpectedly she was hige muscular and seal in color,your dogs are.the closest mAtch to her i have found,any plans on breeding mambo with a darker.colored female?? If so i would like to leave a deposit

  30. I’m just trying to get ahold of someone for the carpet mill blue print and didn’t know how to go about it. I don’t have Facebook so I’ll leave my email

  31. Trying to see if you have anything for sale puppies or Adults dogs would rather have a Adults one if you have one

      • Hi Brian please could you send me more details of the King Arthur breedings you have lined up gor thus year?

        • I do not plan breedings that far in advance. When I have a female come into heat, I write down every male that is available as a qualified stud at that time. New studs are coming of age and passing health screenings all the time, so I do not limit the possibilities of the best possible match until it is actually time for the breeding to take place. I then use a written evaluation system to score out each potential breeding with that particular bitch. The highest scoring stud is the one who is bred to that female on that particular heat I do this for each female coming into each breed heat.

  32. Nice dogs would like a male in one of your future breeding’s. These dogs are great for me and my family please keep me updated how does your program work pet show breeding rights what would a nice standard make cost me

  33. Are you able to breed with my stud?
    He is good looking and is cow pasture patterned

    • Hi Jacob! Thanks for reaching out. I am extremely particular about the studs I use for my breeding program and keep my bloodline very tight. Is your stud Evolution Bulldogges bloodline? Have you completed health testing, temperament testing, and a DNA test for heritable disorders? Does your stud have any titles? How is his conformation to the breed standard? Can you describe his drive profile in detail for me? What is his COI? The answers to all of these questions are taken into consideration when matching up a stud with my bitches. I also chart the virtues and faults of each prospective stud with the virtues and faults of the bitch I am breeding in order to ensure that the chosen stud is the most compatible with my girl. If you are seriously interested in studding out your Bulldogge, I will need all of these questions answered fully in order to consider him to be used to cover one of my Bulldogge bitches. Feel free to reach out by phone or email if you are serious about making excellent Bulldogges and have done your due diligence with your stud. My contact info is on every page of my website.

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