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  1. Hello interested in your mill. I have a DOBERMAN and also breed and show Chinese cresteds. So I need one mill to use for all sizes of dogs safely. please let me know price and if possible is pink an option? I wanted to have it at my grooming shop and the theme is pink there lol. Thank you.

  2. Hi, Im looking around to buy a slat mill for my dogs up 100 pounds. I don’t have the cash but I can make reliable monthly payments if available. I noticed it can be very expensive. Can you help me out to where I can find a good buy if you are not able?

    • Slat mills are good for building wind (endurance) and a properly designed carpet mill is great for building muscle. I dont have a need to build endurance, and doing so is very time consuming. Unfortunately, for those reasons, I do not have a recommendation for a good slat mill supplier.

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